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Intelligent Single Sign-On System to
Collect All Users and Profiles Together

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Secure access for all users and profiles
- in one place

{mono}sign is the trusted Single Sign-On (SSO) system for businesses. It is compatible with all platforms and applications for every single user.

Everything is Al right!

Give the access only to the Right Person

Customize groups and categories of users from one place. Assign different authorisations for different applications.

  • Employees
  • Clients
  • Partners
  • Distributors
  • Consultants

Giving the Right Authority

Assign different authorities for different users and profiles to secure the business flow. Features:

  • Accessing only to the authorised application
  • Viewing only the authorised parts and fields
  • Doing the chosen assignment with the determined authorisation
  • Accessing only through chosen platforms

Accessing in the Right Time is everything

Create time-based authorisations to manage user session durations.

  • Logging all sessions out
  • Locking all sessions
  • Periodical limitations for applications


User Profiles Globally







Proven Success

Some say it is magic. We say it is the result of hard work. MonoSign proved itself with zero downtime while being used by more than 80.000 users around the world.

First-Hand Support

When MonoSign is implemented, a full support about any kind of error is guaranteed. Most of the times there will be no need for the human touch when we have at least 3 back-up plans .

Analytic Background

It is not about collecting many statistics or having the big data. It is about understanding the value of numbers and analyzing them correctly for the future plans.

- We Believe in Contributing Intellectually -

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